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In Person Visits

In office appointments are done in Coronado, CA

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Live Video Appointments

  • No transportation time or costs.

  • Eliminate child or elder care issues.

  • No need to take time off of work or away from your daily activities. 

  • Live video chat is easier than using Facebook! 


Initial Evaluations

The initial evaluation is a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation to possibly diagnose emotional, behavioral, or developmental disorders, and/or assess for other contributing factors for the patient's symptoms.

1-hr appointment time

Return Visits

Return medication management visits are  often shorter than the initial evaluation.  Medications are evaluated for effectiveness and medication changes may occur during these visits.  Mental health status is evaluated.  Therapeutic support and education is provided.

30-min appointment increments


Psychotherapy is just a fancy name for therapy!  Ms. Sorenson provides individual therapy with or without medication management.


Emotional Support Animal Letters (ESA)

Ms. Sorenson knows how important animals are in our emotional well-being.  She provides ESA letters on a case by case bases to established patients. 



Ms. Sorenson provides mental health subject matter expertise on all topics related to mental heath and performance psychology. 

Ms. Sorenson serves a legal mental health provider and nurse consultant and as an advisor to law enforcement assistance.  


Public Speaking & Group Education

Ms. Sorenson is available for public speaking engagements and group education regarding mental health issues.  Please email to discuss.

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