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"My OBGYN doctor called Jamie directly and asked her if she would see me. I was seven months pregnant and crying out of control. Jamie was kind, but also tough. She worked with my OBGYN to come up with a good medication plan to help with my severe anxiety for the rest of my pregnancy. I then had postpartum depression and continued to see Jamie for medication and therapy. I often had my baby with me and even breastfeed during my appointments with her. I felt like I was losing my mind with paranoia during that time, and my weekly sessions was what held me together. 

I felt like I got a lot of strength from Jamie. She would ask me how honest I wanted her to be. When I could handle the truth, we started dealing with the fact that my paranoia was valid and a result of my husband cheating on me, then making me feel crazy for thinking he was cheating. I learned later he was "gaslighting" me. She helped get me extra resources and support, and she made me understand I was worthy of love even though it is still sometimes hard to see. Jamie was kind, but it was her strength that helped me the most."   -A. O. 

"When I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder by my primary care provider, it did not set right with me and I wanted a second opinion. My friend had seen Jamie and said she was very caring and provided holistic care to her patients. I made an appointment with her for a second opinion. Jamie spent a lot of time asking me about my health, diet, lifestyle, sleep, habits, and so on. Part of me expected her to find a psychiatric disorder because that is her speciality. After really listening to me, Jamie told me she did not think I had an anxiety disorder, but a vitamin deficiency and some digestive problems. She ran some blood tests and suggested some supplements and lifestyle modifications. I did not realize I had a long term physical illness and thought my discomfort was normal. I did not need mental health treatment, I needed good medical care I did not get until I was heard. I only saw Jamie for two appointments, but because of her brief care my quality of life got so much better. I trust her completely and wish she was my primary doctor." -C. C. M. 

"I started seeing Jamie after my psychiatrist moved out of the area and referred me to her. I had horrible anxiety and switching psychiatry providers made me so nervous. I was on three different psychiatric drugs and still had horrible anxiety and insomnia. Jamie spent a lot of time listening to me and I felt very comfortable with her right away. I felt like she really cared. She ordered a lot of blood tests. She told me she could tell how anxious I was, so she would only progress in my treatment at a level I was comfortable with. She gently suggested some ideas on treating my insomnia. The first week after I saw her I slept much better, so I trusted her. She spent a lot of time educating me in our sessions about medication risks and benefits. She focused a lot on my total body health, over time I went from three medications down to one."

"Over the years I had tried therapy, but it had not been a good fit for me. I felt safe with Jamie and could talk to her about anything. She did not judge me. She told me if I did not deal with the pain of my family rejecting me because I was gay, I would always have anxiety and depression. I spent a lot of time in her office crying because I finally felt like I was okay to be myself. She pointed out all the good about me. I think I might always be a little anxious, but I am so much better than I was. I feel like she saved my life."

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