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Reimbursify is the fast, easy way to file out-of-network (OON) reimbursement claims from your health insurance company! Our intelligent app takes the pain and trouble out of claim filing to make sure you get all the money coming to you. Works with all major health insurance companies like BlueCross BlueShield, Aetna, Cigna, UnitedHealth and many, many more.

Do You Take My Insurance?

Providing affordable access to quality mental health services is extremely important. ​As many clients know, dealing with insurance grows more difficult each and every year. Clinicians end up spending less time with their clients and more time doing paperwork to satisfy insurance requirements. Providers are usually overworked and clients cannot get an appointment when they are having a hard time due to overbooked schedules. Often, clients get letters stating that their provider is no longer taking their insurance. They then have to scramble to find a new provider only to find that they are usually booked out several months. Clients also go to their appointments to find they owe a back balance, their eligibility isn't current, or some other issue. 



Jamie M. Sorenson Psych NP is a fee-for-service practice, it is considered an out-of-network practice and does not take insurance plans. Clients pay directly for the cost of each treatment session when they purchase the visit. For clients that have out-of-network benefits, their insurance company may reimburse them for some of the treatment fees.

It is solely the client's responsibility to check with their insurance regarding their out-of-network benefits. Your provider will provide you with a superbill after each session. This will need to be submitted to your insurance for your out-of-network claim.  

Fee-for-service practices eliminate those hassles by providing a service for a transparent fee with no hidden charges. You no longer have to worry about whether your provider will stop taking your insurance and you know exactly what the cost is upfront. 

​If you shop around, you will find these fees are less than many of the self-pay rates of other practices and not much more than the copays of many insurance plans. That is no accident. I want to offer quality, accessible psychiatric care for those with or without insurance. I feel this is the best way to accomplish that goal and hope you agree!

Service Fees

When you schedule an appointment with Jamie, you purchase time specifically dedicated to your psychiatric care. Psychiatric care in California can take as long as six months or more to get an appointment. This time is very valuable and charged when the appointment is booked.

60 Minute Psychiatric Evaluation: $295
*** PRICE CHANGE***Effective January 1, 2024 Service price: $155/30 minute increment

Calls/Emails/Text messages between appointments (other than to schedule an appointment or to report an adverse event) $75 per 5 minutes, must be paid prior to scheduling next appointment. 

*To schedule and hold your Initial Evaluation appointment time, the $295 must be paid in advance and is non-refundable if you No-Show your appointment*

Medication refills are only done at the time of an appointment.


Appointments must be canceled at least 72 hrs prior to the scheduled appointment time if the client wants a refund. Credit card fees will not be reimbursed for cancelled or modified appointments. 

Refunds will not be provided if the appointment is canceled less than 72 hrs prior to scheduled appointment or not showing for a Follow-up appointment.  If you need to reschedule your appointment (72 hours prior to the appointment) the first rescheduled fee is waived. If you need to reschedule the appointment a second time you will be charged for that appointment.  


I’ll work with you to create a treatment plan based on your individual needs, desires, challenges, and goals.

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