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Tell Your Story 

Happy Grandparents

"Don't Die with Your Music Still Inside You." -Wayne Dryer

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Being able to communicate effectively is arguably the most important skill there is, yet it is one of the most challenging responsibilities. 

Helping individuals communicate effectively is the foundation of mental health work.


With digital editing, Jamie guides you through the story you need to tell. She is an exceptional interviewer and knows how to help you communicate the most difficult and painful topics with ease. 

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Telling our stories release us from them; it allows us to evolve and grow beyond them. When we  tell our stories, we can transform ourselves; our stories make a difference in the world.


Being able to articulate our story with perspective is liberating



Telling our story through digital editing ensures our legacy lives on. Our stories are amazing gifts to future generations.

Father and Daughter



Digital story telling can be a powerful tool in mediation, custody battles, preparing for a trial, and possibly used in a closing statement.

It can help calm heated emotions, as it allows us to say what we need to say without interruption.  

Power of Attorney



What is involved in digital story telling?

1. You have a strong need to express your story. 

2. Phone consultation to discuss your vision.


3.  Collect images and other media (i.e. video clips)  to include in your story.

4.  Meet Jamie for an interview. She uses her expertise in human behavior to lead you through the interview. 

5. Jamie then reviews the footage, edits it, adds the images you would like to include, and creates the story you want to tell. Jamie is an expert in human behavior and has an incredible insight into what you want to express. She will offer communication insights to help you meet your goal. 

6. Jamie reviews the story with you and makes minor adjustments prior to the delivery of the final product.  

Example of a digital story walk through: 

1. Bob went through a horrible divorce in which remarkable assets were at stake. He is now going through a prolonged custody battle, and his character is being attacked so he does not get to see his kids  even though he pays maximum child support. His work ethic and the number of hours he has worked to provide the best life for his family is being used against him. The relationship between Bob and his ex-wife is so toxic that they cannot speak without a great deal of hostile communication. 

2. Bob contacts Jamie and explains he wants partial custody of his kids and wants them to know how much they are loved by him.

3. An interview appointment is scheduled. Bob sends several images and videos of his children and himself over the years playing together and videos of him making sure they had great birthdays.

4. During the interview, several emotions are expressed, and many painful topics are addressed. Jamie continuously puts Bob at ease, making him feel so relieved and comfortable. Bob is shocked at how much he was able to express.  Jamie helps Bob articulate hostile comments he has towards his wife, in a way that gets the message across with dignity and respect. 

5. With her mental health expertise, Jamie edits the video. She selects the parts of the video that are the most profound in telling Bob's story.

6. The final product is a 20-minute video in which: Bob chronologically expresses his love for his children. The images provided by Bob as well as other video clips speak thousands of words as the video plays. Bob expresses kind words about his ex-wife acknowledging good things about their relationship, as well as thanking her for his kids. 

The outcome is: It is obvious Bob has tremendous love for his kids, his ex-wife is less hostile towards him, and he is able to share this video with his kids, lawyers, possibly use it in court, and it becomes part of his legacy. Bob has a great deal of perspective about his relationship and feels free from a lot of his hostile emotions that had owned him. His kids are very proud to watch the video over and over as a constant reminder of how much they are loved. 

Family Dispute
Father and Son

Service Fees

The differences between working with Jamie and a digital editor is that Jamie utilizes her mental health expertise throughout every step of this project. She helps you tell your story with incredible insight into how it will be perceived.  The discerning questions  Jamie asks may give you profound awareness about yourself. Jamie does the editing herself scrutinizing every detail of the interview, images, videos and etc. provided to ensure the most profound story is told. 

 A $3,000 deposit is required to begin this project. All aspects of this project: $300/hour. 

I.e. 10 hour project : $3,000

8 hour project: $2,400 ($600 is refunded) 

15 hour project: $4,500, after the first 10 hours additional hours are paid for and the project resumes. 

**Deposit is paid upon scheduling (Check, Credit Card , or Debit Card accepted)


If the project is cancelled the amount of hours spent on the project will be charged and the remaining deposit will be refunded. 

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